Friday, November 4, 2016

First Cruise 2016

Thomas and I went on our first cruise EVER.  Here is a little story about it.  We went out of New Orleans on Carnival Triumph to Cozumel and Progresso.

We started off running late because we couldn't get luggage to fit in the car as we thought and we had to go get the car career for luggage and that had me stressed and on edge.... but thankfully Thomas was able to get the problem solved and we were on the road. We stopped to pick up My Mom and Charlie and we headed on to New Orleans to board our ship.  Due to running behind we breezed right through the terminal and got right on the ship without any delays or long lines.  Here are some of the photos from day one.  I will say that this night when we got to the cabin Thomas and I both got a little nauseaus so we put our seasick patches on... these were a life saver!!!

Day 2 was a sea day which means we sat on the boat all day... THERE IS PLENTY TO KEEP YOU BUSY THOUGH... it was also our formal dinner night.  Here are some photos from that day.... I will mention the boat rocked A LOT on this day, many were seasick, I was very thankful for the patches my doctor prescribed for me!!!!

Day 3: We ported in Cozumel.  This day we had planned an adventure to go to Mr. Sancho's resort for the day. We got to experience some crazy local driving and a wonderful day at the beach with mucho mucho alcohol :)   I enjoyed a massage, a fish pedicure, took some photos with some exotic animals and drank my first ever MR. SANCHO MARARITA which I am now and forever in love with.... it was a marvelous day, I just wish I could go back!!! Here are some photos from that day, also this was HALLOWEEN!!! When we got back on the ship we got to take part in a MASSIVE Halloween party and TONS of folks participated in costumes and had some REALLY REALLY Good ones too!!


Day 4: Port in Progresso.  Thomas and I booked an excursion called Salsa and Salsa.  IT WAS THE BEST!!! We took a van into Mirida and got to see the Capital. We got to see the park, and tour an old cathedral.  We then went back to a hotel and were taught how to make margaritas, salsas and how to do the salsa dance.  Then back to the ship.... very fun filled day! One of our travel mates on this excursion was really nice but WAYYYYY Wasted lol but it made for more memories. I LOVED IT HERE!

Day 5: Sea day heading back home.... It was a marvelous day where we got to lounge around, gamble in casino, watch a comedy show, and enjoy a nice dinner same as EVERY NIGHT. The food is AMAZING!!! We enjoyed EVERY MINUTE on the ship and the show at the end was simply magnificent.  I look forward to our next trip!!! 

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