Friday, September 9, 2016

My baby is 18

Today My baby boy turned 18.  I feel all the emotions over this, I am sad, scared, happy, excited, and well just an absolute basket case over it.

He has grown into such a handsome man.  I worry about his future but at the same time I am excited to see where it takes him.

We celebrated with Cookie cake/Ice cream on Thursday the 8th.

Thomas made him his very own cigar box guitar and carrying case.  :) He did a remarkable job on this and I think Desmond just really loves it.

I got him a pair of boots he had been wanted.

Cathy got him money (every 18 year old needs money lol).

He had a nice little celebration on the 8th.

The 9th we celebrated by watching him play football for D-High and they WON :) Great night.  My Mom came to watch the game and wish him a happy Birthday.

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