Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Lost Sea

Thomas and I took off on another adventure.

We went to the Lost Sea :)

It was very hard to get photos down at the sea, but it was a magnificent site and I think everyone should experience first hand. Nature is truly amazing and beautiful and I have a LOVE for caves during the heat of summer :)

I enjoyed one hell of a good ice cream cone (Orange Pineapple) YUM! And it didn't even effect my sugar negatively after all the effort I made climbing out of that cave haha

This is the tunnel leading in to the cave

Here we (the  happy couple) are waiting for our chance to get in the cave

Just a random photo :)

I wanted to pose with the sign haha not sure why I look hideous

They have a hiking trail there, not sure how long it is because 1, I wore sandles and 2. I didn't want to miss our tour of the cave, but it looked nice and well maintained

On the drive there :)

I love this man of mine and our day trips are the BEST.  We enjoyed a nice dinner on the way home (probably waited a bit late to eat lol) but it was a very enjoyable meal to close out an even more enjoyable day.

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