Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sadness and helplessness

I got a msg today asking me if I knew what might be going on with one of my old time friends.  We aren't that close so I wasn't sure but they all thought her boyfriend to whom she had been with for a long time might have died or something.

I was worried about her because no one seemed to know anything and everyone seemed to just want to know but not bother her or something.

I decided I couldn't just sit by and wonder, she might be alone and might need her friends so I left the house and drove the 45 mins to see about her.  Thomas rode with me.  When I got there she had some friends there so she wasn't alone, but sure enough her boyfriend decided to take his own life and she is left with the pieces to pick up.

It breaks my heart in to that I can't help, and don't know what to do... we aren't that close so she may never call or reach out to me, but I seriously will do anything.... within my means (I don't have money or anything).

I found out the service is the weekend so I intend to try to make it to the service and reach out again to help.

I just feel so helpless and useless in the situation but I really do want to help.

I hope she stays strong through this, and just absolutely  hate she has to deal with it.

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