Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rickwood Caverns

WE went on another Adventure. Kinda started out slow on Saturday as we all slept in a bit, but then we went out heading toward Rickwood Caverns. We stopped and got cash, and then we went to Cullman for lunch at Downtown Grill.  Then, we got to the cave.  They were having a family fun day with all sorts of activities, we got to see a beautiful owl up close and even got our picture with it :)

We had a little time to kill before the cave tour began so we went on a hike around there and checked out the campgrounds.... it was a neat place.  The cave tour was different than other caves we have been too... it was almost tighter and I guess you could tell it was a bit more man made.... They had to dynamite alot of this cave to be able to get in and view it... but it was a remarkable cave... Not only did I enjoy it... I got my workout in too.  108 steps I think it was at the end that had to be climbed to get out of that thing lol Great workout! :)

After the Cave we drove back home but not before stopping at Smith Farm's in Cullman and checking that place out... we had never been there.

We got pickled eggs, pickled smoke sausages, and fresh made salsa.  Thomas also got me a bottle of their wine... It was DELICIOUS!!!!

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