Thursday, August 25, 2016


We had a ball game at home tonight against Huntsville  We won 42-20.  My boy didn't get to play during the whole game (until the last two plays of the game)  He was on the O-line for his whole high school career at 6'3 220lbs I guess it was a good fit.  Most folks that looked at his build thought he should play tight end.  But he stuck through football waiting for another position, hoping for a coach to put him somewhere else.  This summer he decided (after having experienced high blood pressure at a young age) he would get his weight down, and get healthier.  He had hoped it might make a difference in football too.  Well, it did.  Last week they decided they would try him out on the Defense. He was so excited.  He is know 6'3 180 lbs.  So he is a bit small to go against the O-line guys and he is still learning the Defensive plays so he expected not to see too much play time on tonight's game.  But, it was frustrating watching the whole game and him not even getting in.... until the last 2 plays. But the funny thing is I heard them say "That stop was made by Desmond West" just moments after he got out on the field. It made his night and my night. I think he is going to have a good year this year.  I am going to enjoy the heck out of it as its his Senior year (sniff sniff).  I am proud of my boy.... Go Raiders!!!!

I love his picture in the football program too.... all smiles. :)

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