Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Allergic Reaction

I woke up Sunday morning with a scratchy throat, it was pretty sore.... I instantly thought man this could be strep... it was THAT sore.

I had a run planned with my friends, and All I had was a sore throat, no fever nothing else... so I decided to go ahead with my plan run.

I met the girls and all was good. I brought a "snot rag" because I could tell my nose was about to go crazy.  We managed to get 10 miles in. They weren't my best miles but I haven't done distance in a long time either so, I thought nothing of it.

After the run I went home as usual and soaked in epsom salt.  Then Thomas and I went to eat at Shoney's another usual thing I do after long runs, and I ate the usual things I normally would.... We went to Walmart, I am really feeling rough with sore throat and runny nose by this point.  We had decided to go see a movie ( I could sit and relax in the movie theater ).... We saw Don't Breath and it was actually a pretty good movie.  Then, when we were driving home from the theater I noticed my foot was itching, I raised my pant leg and I had at least 50 bites around my ankles.  I am thinking what the heck?  I didn't recall any ants on me on the run. Did I get this many bites without ever knowing about it? SEriously? What is this?  I had Thomas stop by walgreens and I got calamine lotion, I had picked up cold supplies earlier while at Walmart.... I am thinking I will doctor myself up when I get home.  The later hours came with even more of these bites, now they are on my legs, hips, butt and back... WHAT IN THE WORLD?

Thomas doesn't have bites, Desmond does't have bites, I asked Leigh Ann and Amy who went on the run with me, no bites.  No sign of fleas in the house, I am thinking bed bugs? Chiggers? Cooties lol I don't know what the heck this is but I am miserable.  All Sunday night was rough, I called out of work on Monday and made myself a Doctor appt. The appt was at 2 pm (long morning waiting for that visit).  The doctor is a little puzzled too, and asked me a lot of questions and I walked through what all I did the whole weekend with him, he did a scratch test on my back... He actually scratched lightly his initials on my back.... we waited a few minutes and he checked my back again.  He said it is Hives. You are having an allergic reaction to something.  No sign of infection with the cold like symptoms either so he things it is all related to some sort of allergy.  Not sure what but something my body doesn't like.

He started me on a Steroid (Pills as he didn't want to give me the injection due to my diabetes) He gave me Allegra and Prevacid.  He said the Prevacid has an ingredient in it that helps with allergies.  So I went with it.  I got home started the meds and was still up most of the night last night.  So because I was still in misery I decided to stay home again today (Tuesday).  The doctor seemed to think I would need until Wednesday to go back to work anyway because he wrote me an excuse until then, but I was thinking I might could make it today... but decided not to push it and rest.

This afternoon I finally feel some better. I think I might survive this after all lol

I threatened I would need a straight jacket before it was over with because the itching was so bad I thought I would lose my mind.

Now to figure out what did this to me? I don't know.  Either the cave experience as there was something there I was allergic to? The hike might have had something there I was allergic to? Or was it the new wine I had never tried before Saturday night? I don't know... and it is a little scary not knowing WHAT has made me so MISERABLE to I can AVOID it in the future.
Here is a picture of the foot when I went to the doctor, the bumps are all over me but the foot has more clustered together for image purposes.
This is the same foot today (Tuesday)... it looks a ton BETTER.... still has little blisters on each bump, but wow at the difference 24 hours with medicine has made.

I think I will survive :)

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