Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bullet Journal New Month

Well I have used my Bullet Journal for 1 month.  I started into the month of August actually so September will be my first FULL month. I am loving this method of staying organized with my Lists. :)

It isn't as fancy as some folks, and mine is surely a mess by the end of the day/week/month lol but I am getting things done and much more organized.  I LOVE MY BULLET JOURNAL. 

Allergic Reaction

I woke up Sunday morning with a scratchy throat, it was pretty sore.... I instantly thought man this could be strep... it was THAT sore.

I had a run planned with my friends, and All I had was a sore throat, no fever nothing else... so I decided to go ahead with my plan run.

I met the girls and all was good. I brought a "snot rag" because I could tell my nose was about to go crazy.  We managed to get 10 miles in. They weren't my best miles but I haven't done distance in a long time either so, I thought nothing of it.

After the run I went home as usual and soaked in epsom salt.  Then Thomas and I went to eat at Shoney's another usual thing I do after long runs, and I ate the usual things I normally would.... We went to Walmart, I am really feeling rough with sore throat and runny nose by this point.  We had decided to go see a movie ( I could sit and relax in the movie theater ).... We saw Don't Breath and it was actually a pretty good movie.  Then, when we were driving home from the theater I noticed my foot was itching, I raised my pant leg and I had at least 50 bites around my ankles.  I am thinking what the heck?  I didn't recall any ants on me on the run. Did I get this many bites without ever knowing about it? SEriously? What is this?  I had Thomas stop by walgreens and I got calamine lotion, I had picked up cold supplies earlier while at Walmart.... I am thinking I will doctor myself up when I get home.  The later hours came with even more of these bites, now they are on my legs, hips, butt and back... WHAT IN THE WORLD?

Thomas doesn't have bites, Desmond does't have bites, I asked Leigh Ann and Amy who went on the run with me, no bites.  No sign of fleas in the house, I am thinking bed bugs? Chiggers? Cooties lol I don't know what the heck this is but I am miserable.  All Sunday night was rough, I called out of work on Monday and made myself a Doctor appt. The appt was at 2 pm (long morning waiting for that visit).  The doctor is a little puzzled too, and asked me a lot of questions and I walked through what all I did the whole weekend with him, he did a scratch test on my back... He actually scratched lightly his initials on my back.... we waited a few minutes and he checked my back again.  He said it is Hives. You are having an allergic reaction to something.  No sign of infection with the cold like symptoms either so he things it is all related to some sort of allergy.  Not sure what but something my body doesn't like.

He started me on a Steroid (Pills as he didn't want to give me the injection due to my diabetes) He gave me Allegra and Prevacid.  He said the Prevacid has an ingredient in it that helps with allergies.  So I went with it.  I got home started the meds and was still up most of the night last night.  So because I was still in misery I decided to stay home again today (Tuesday).  The doctor seemed to think I would need until Wednesday to go back to work anyway because he wrote me an excuse until then, but I was thinking I might could make it today... but decided not to push it and rest.

This afternoon I finally feel some better. I think I might survive this after all lol

I threatened I would need a straight jacket before it was over with because the itching was so bad I thought I would lose my mind.

Now to figure out what did this to me? I don't know.  Either the cave experience as there was something there I was allergic to? The hike might have had something there I was allergic to? Or was it the new wine I had never tried before Saturday night? I don't know... and it is a little scary not knowing WHAT has made me so MISERABLE to I can AVOID it in the future.
Here is a picture of the foot when I went to the doctor, the bumps are all over me but the foot has more clustered together for image purposes.
This is the same foot today (Tuesday)... it looks a ton BETTER.... still has little blisters on each bump, but wow at the difference 24 hours with medicine has made.

I think I will survive :)

Rickwood Caverns

WE went on another Adventure. Kinda started out slow on Saturday as we all slept in a bit, but then we went out heading toward Rickwood Caverns. We stopped and got cash, and then we went to Cullman for lunch at Downtown Grill.  Then, we got to the cave.  They were having a family fun day with all sorts of activities, we got to see a beautiful owl up close and even got our picture with it :)

We had a little time to kill before the cave tour began so we went on a hike around there and checked out the campgrounds.... it was a neat place.  The cave tour was different than other caves we have been too... it was almost tighter and I guess you could tell it was a bit more man made.... They had to dynamite alot of this cave to be able to get in and view it... but it was a remarkable cave... Not only did I enjoy it... I got my workout in too.  108 steps I think it was at the end that had to be climbed to get out of that thing lol Great workout! :)

After the Cave we drove back home but not before stopping at Smith Farm's in Cullman and checking that place out... we had never been there.

We got pickled eggs, pickled smoke sausages, and fresh made salsa.  Thomas also got me a bottle of their wine... It was DELICIOUS!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


We had a ball game at home tonight against Huntsville  We won 42-20.  My boy didn't get to play during the whole game (until the last two plays of the game)  He was on the O-line for his whole high school career at 6'3 220lbs I guess it was a good fit.  Most folks that looked at his build thought he should play tight end.  But he stuck through football waiting for another position, hoping for a coach to put him somewhere else.  This summer he decided (after having experienced high blood pressure at a young age) he would get his weight down, and get healthier.  He had hoped it might make a difference in football too.  Well, it did.  Last week they decided they would try him out on the Defense. He was so excited.  He is know 6'3 180 lbs.  So he is a bit small to go against the O-line guys and he is still learning the Defensive plays so he expected not to see too much play time on tonight's game.  But, it was frustrating watching the whole game and him not even getting in.... until the last 2 plays. But the funny thing is I heard them say "That stop was made by Desmond West" just moments after he got out on the field. It made his night and my night. I think he is going to have a good year this year.  I am going to enjoy the heck out of it as its his Senior year (sniff sniff).  I am proud of my boy.... Go Raiders!!!!

I love his picture in the football program too.... all smiles. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


So I voted today for our local mayor and school officials.

It's hard to figure out who to vote for anymore.... especially when we have 6 candidates for mayor.  But, two are really just names on the ballot.  I narrowed it down to 3 candidates but it was even hard to find out if they were republican or democrats... so I dug deeper and tried to find all the issues each candidate was running for and why they thought I should pick them and made the best decision I knew.... I just want Decatur to be Greater... it is NOT where it should be, it is not even close to some of our neighboring cities and we are great people and the community has so much to offer but its just not happening.  I hope the best for our city.

As far as the education system... it is in shambles and it needs some major work..... I hope we get some much needed change and improvements for the future of our city.

Anyway, I exercised my privilege today and every time I do so it makes me feel a sense of pride.  I hope you took the time to vote, if not... you still have time! These small elections mean so much more than you think.  

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sadness and helplessness

I got a msg today asking me if I knew what might be going on with one of my old time friends.  We aren't that close so I wasn't sure but they all thought her boyfriend to whom she had been with for a long time might have died or something.

I was worried about her because no one seemed to know anything and everyone seemed to just want to know but not bother her or something.

I decided I couldn't just sit by and wonder, she might be alone and might need her friends so I left the house and drove the 45 mins to see about her.  Thomas rode with me.  When I got there she had some friends there so she wasn't alone, but sure enough her boyfriend decided to take his own life and she is left with the pieces to pick up.

It breaks my heart in to that I can't help, and don't know what to do... we aren't that close so she may never call or reach out to me, but I seriously will do anything.... within my means (I don't have money or anything).

I found out the service is the weekend so I intend to try to make it to the service and reach out again to help.

I just feel so helpless and useless in the situation but I really do want to help.

I hope she stays strong through this, and just absolutely  hate she has to deal with it.

My daughter is engaged!

He asked her on 4th of July night after they went to see the fireworks, and she said it was very romantic and she is so very happy! :) I am happy for her.  She asked me to take some photos so we finally found time to make it happen. Here are a few of my favorites.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Old Railroad Bridge

I woke up this morning and Thomas and I headed to the local Farmer's Market. We picked up some fresh tomatoes, plums and cantaloupe.  Then we enjoyed a nice breakfast at Jack's.  We went our separate ways for a little while so he could go fly his airplane and I could get us a picnic lunch together and get ready for a short adventure trip.

Desmond came home from his Dad's and met us so we all go off to "The Shoals" area. It was raining off and on but we managed to pull out a spectacular day despite the weather.

We stopped off at Veterans Memorial Park in Florence and enjoyed our picnic lunch of tomato sandwiches and fruit.  Then we walked around the park, I have to say they really appreciate the soldiers there in Florence the memorial is impressive for such a small community.

Then we went on to find the Old Railroad Bridge which was the focus of our trip there. It is really more in Sheffield but near Florence I don't know where you call it lol.  Anyway it was built in the 1830s and the top is a railroad track the bottom was a bridge traveled by horses/cars and foot.  I find this bridge very fascinating and I am so glad I got to go and enjoy the beauty of it.  I love that they have this historic place  open to the public for a nice walk out on the Tennessee River.  They have nature trails around there for plenty of exercise. :)  They also have snakes lol I about stepped on one... so WATCH OUT! haha.

We closed our trip with dinner at River Bottom Grille.  The atmosphere, the food, the company... it was all PERFECT.  I thoroughly enjoyed our little adventure and look forward to the next one! :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday night

I received this awesome Tshirt in the mail all the way from Oregon from my best friend Alanda! Funny thing is she received a surprise gift from me also... it's amazing we both decided to send a package around the same exact time. :)  I miss her and hope to see her soon.  I also love my shirt!

Thomas and I spent the evening at the night fly for him to fly his airplanes. We dodged some rain but ultimately he had some good flights.  I am glad he has hobbies that make him happy and interested. :)

We finished the evening with dinner out at Sam's Bar and Grill

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trapped and my Senior!

I spent the day Saturday with my boy.... I had many things on our to do list: School supplies, home depot, groceries, stop for photos somewhere, and house cleaning.  We got most things done, however I didn't get the house work done.

The evening though I was trying to find something fun to do because I was bored more than anything lol so I asked him if he would go to Trapped in Decatur and see if we could escape from the room.

Spur of the moment at 7:15 pm we signed up for the 8 pm room.  It was an absolute BLAST and we made it out with 4 minutes to spare. :)

I can't wait to do this again, it really was a fun time.

Here are a few pics from the day.

Monday, August 8, 2016

My first pair of Contact lenses

Random pics of me WITHOUT glasses. I know I took photos without glasses before, but usually I didn't see well haha Now I can see! :)