Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wet Dog

I decided not to do Wet Dog 2016 because of several reasons.

  • I have a cruise planned I am trying to save money for
  • The race price went up and was ridiculously priced in my opinion
  • I haven't been training and wasn't really IN to it this year.
I had a great time spectating as I usually don't get to do that, and it was a great day. :)

NOTE: The Wet Dog really let me down with their lack of managing in this race. They had No one at the bike/run transition. There were folks making it out of T1 without their helmets as they didn't have ANYONE there.  There was NO one at the finish line to cheer the slower runners in as they finished and to me volunteers should convene there at the end of a race and cheer on folks across the line, everyone has different battles but its an accomplishment no matter what and this year just felt Bleh on this part and therefore would make me think again before doing in the future, but since they are no longer having it I guess it doesn't matter.  Sad thing is it was ran poorly and the prices were astronomical in my opinion.

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