Monday, July 25, 2016

Bowling pass

Well, Thomas, Desmond and myself went out to dinner at Gridiron. It was a nice  peaceful meal.  Then we decided we would go bowling.  Once getting to the bowling alley the man was saying a bunch of numbers like "twenty something or thirty something" for the price.  In my head at the moment it was a better deal to do the "thirty something" so I said lets go for that one.  LOL I wasn't fully understanding.  It was $30 (some odd) dollars a piece for what he was selling me.  I looked at Thomas when the guy told me $96 bucks lol like WHAT DID I JUST DO? lol

Well, I might have spent damn near a hundred bucks but we have season pass for bowling.  We best be knocking down some pins the remainder of the Summer haha.  It was a good buy though two times of bowling will pay for the passes.  And, it was an enjoyable evening.  I look forward to our next time of bowling. :)

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