Friday, December 25, 2015

December Mashup (2015)

Below are several photos from December 2015, I am playing catch up and its getting hard to locate the photos. 
You will see Family from Christmas visit out watching the Christmas lights, a few photos of a Christmas party I went to with old high school friends, and a photo from where  I was selected for Jury Duty and did my civil duty.

My brother also came for a visit to with  Megan and Lydia and they watched the Christmas Light show and we had Dreamland BBQ.... was a great visit. (having trouble locating these photos, but if I do find them I will add them :)

Also this Christmas was the Christmas Day Flood (My friend Jill's house was flooded horribly, my family was stuck at my house longer than they had wanted due to the water being all the way to my steps. We lucked out and didn't have any damage, but many many folks did and this Christmas will always be remembered a the Christmas Day Flood).

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