Monday, November 2, 2015


So, I do not have another race until April 2016 (Oak Barrel Half Marathon).  This means for November-April  I really don't have a plan or a challenge to work toward.

I keep saying I want to get better/faster at running.  I also want to lose weight.  I also want to have a plan/goal lol.

So here is what I have came up with.... I am a little disappointed I didn't think of it on November 1st because it would be great to start then...... but.... I will begin it tomorrow (Drum roll) I am going to start a run streak!

I will run every single day for 50 days straight.

Running will not be the only workout I do, but it will be the only thing that no matter the day I have, the weather I face, the mood I am in....(you get the point) I will have to get it in!

I still plan on doing spin and on those days guess what? I will run too!  I will do some lifting at the gym and again on those days I will run too. 

I hope to get most of my runs outside because of the terrain/weather and conditioning it provides vs the treadmill, but I am not opposed to doing it on the treadmill to get it in... anything I have to do to get it in!  (Note:  I do not have a treadmill at home so any of the those dreadmill runs will require me to get in the car and go to the gym, unless I am there already).

I am not sure where this thought came from today but it sounds like just what I need.... a goal that requires more running and I will not be running for distance as I do for my half marathon training (except on Sunday which is RUNDAY haha)... all other days it will be hills/speed/easy runs. 

I am really excited about this challenge to myself, it scares me a little too, by posting this here for the world, and saying it out loud that I am doing this.... well it pretty much means through the holiday season and everything I will be getting in this run. 

Why not right?

whew! Deep breaths!

Why is this so intimidating to me?  lol It is so silly I just ran two half marathons on back to back weekends and I am scared SILLY about saying I am going to run Every.Single.Day. for a total of 50 days!!!

Anyway what is done is done and here it is for everyone.

I start tomorrow... why not today? I have no excuse but I am in my pajamas already and it almost 10pm at night and I literally just decided I would do this, so I am saying tomorrow! 
November 3rd to December 23rd is my 50 day streak.  After that streak is over who knows...... lol but this is where I am starting!!!

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