Sunday, November 22, 2015

13 years of bliss

Today marks 13 years that I have been with the love of my life.

I met him online... we chatted for a few weeks and then we had our first meeting at the skating rink in 2002 and it was pretty much love at first site.

We have been together through ups and downs over the last 13 years and I think we are true soul mates.   I am so blessed to have him!

We took off to Fort Payne for the night and enjoyed Little River Canyon some and just enjoyed some time alone.

Monday, November 2, 2015


So, I do not have another race until April 2016 (Oak Barrel Half Marathon).  This means for November-April  I really don't have a plan or a challenge to work toward.

I keep saying I want to get better/faster at running.  I also want to lose weight.  I also want to have a plan/goal lol.

So here is what I have came up with.... I am a little disappointed I didn't think of it on November 1st because it would be great to start then...... but.... I will begin it tomorrow (Drum roll) I am going to start a run streak!

I will run every single day for 50 days straight.

Running will not be the only workout I do, but it will be the only thing that no matter the day I have, the weather I face, the mood I am in....(you get the point) I will have to get it in!

I still plan on doing spin and on those days guess what? I will run too!  I will do some lifting at the gym and again on those days I will run too. 

I hope to get most of my runs outside because of the terrain/weather and conditioning it provides vs the treadmill, but I am not opposed to doing it on the treadmill to get it in... anything I have to do to get it in!  (Note:  I do not have a treadmill at home so any of the those dreadmill runs will require me to get in the car and go to the gym, unless I am there already).

I am not sure where this thought came from today but it sounds like just what I need.... a goal that requires more running and I will not be running for distance as I do for my half marathon training (except on Sunday which is RUNDAY haha)... all other days it will be hills/speed/easy runs. 

I am really excited about this challenge to myself, it scares me a little too, by posting this here for the world, and saying it out loud that I am doing this.... well it pretty much means through the holiday season and everything I will be getting in this run. 

Why not right?

whew! Deep breaths!

Why is this so intimidating to me?  lol It is so silly I just ran two half marathons on back to back weekends and I am scared SILLY about saying I am going to run Every.Single.Day. for a total of 50 days!!!

Anyway what is done is done and here it is for everyone.

I start tomorrow... why not today? I have no excuse but I am in my pajamas already and it almost 10pm at night and I literally just decided I would do this, so I am saying tomorrow! 
November 3rd to December 23rd is my 50 day streak.  After that streak is over who knows...... lol but this is where I am starting!!!

Life Without Limits Half Marathon 2015

I did it again!!!


This year this plan was to 1. Come in at 2:50, 2. Come in at 2:55 or 3. Come in under 3 hours of before my last year time of 3:05. 
I had to give up on goal # 1 by mile 8 because I knew I wouldn't make it, but I had hoped for goal #2 that was until the last mile at which I totally fell apart... and it seemed it was my slowest mile of all 13.  But, I did finish the race right under 3 hours (2:59) and to me that is awesome because I know the struggle I had that last mile was REAL and I am proud that I beat last years time!!!
I had a great race and got to run it with a great friend (Leigh Ann)  We went to lunch after the race and all in all it was a marvelous day with great weather and friends.