Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rock the Kasbah

Thomas and I went on a date night last night and we saw the move Rock the Kasbah.

I saw today that the movie isn't getting great reviews and I am not so sure why, unless people have set there expectations somewhere they shouldn't before viewing the movie?

I went in not seeing a preview, or hearing anything about the flick, I had no idea what to expect.... and the movie was very entertaining.  It brought to life some cultural differences and was ultimately a great movie. Murray did a great job in his role and I am not A HUGE Murray fan, just liked a couple of his films actually, but I can't understand why others are dissing this film so much?

I even heard someone say they wanted their money back at the end? Really?.... It was so enjoyable, the movie never stopped entertaining me and it had some laugh out loud moments.  Is this an award winning movie, no... but I am sure it is much better than some of the cheap, cheesy movies that others are rushing out to see.

If you want my opinion, go see the movie... don't expect anything just go and pass the time by with a beautiful entertaining and enjoying film.

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