Friday, July 24, 2015

Last day, new beginning

Well I am closing a chapter in my life and getting ready for a new one.

I am changing jobs.  I am no longer going to be an Office Manager but now I will be a Scheduler. You might think of it is a demotion, but I don't.... I got offered the position because I am a good worker and can handle the stress of a Scheduler role, and I wanted to be closer to home. I will now just be a few miles from home verses driving 45 minutes one way to work every day. I work for the same company, so it is a step back, but only in a title. I am more valuable than most at my company because I am so diverse in my abilities.  I will take it as a positive and enjoy my extra 1.5 in time I get each day back to my life.

I had to say good bye to some pretty great ladies I worked with in Cullman though.... here is my last picture with all of us together.

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