Saturday, April 4, 2015

Oak Barrel 2015

Another Oak Barrel down! I PR'd too!!!  Woohoo! 

It was a great trip, Thomas and I went early like we did last year and got us a room in Murfreesboro to have dinner with our friends Heather and Darin.  All went well the trip there, the race day, but that night my car had issue with the oil change I had received the day before... and Thomas had to fix my car at the hotel... luckily I have a man who is capable and smart enough to do these sort of things. I am so blessed to have him.... this trip could have been terrible for me if it wasn't for him.

The race report. It was gorgeous weather, started off terribly cold but warmed up nicely for the run.  I did well pacing and running with my intervals until around mile 11 and then I started to really crash. I had to push so hard to come in under my previous time.... luckily my friends where there to push me and help me stay focused on the goal. :) I love my running friends! I love this race and look forward to it next year!

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