Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I started out in band in 6th grade.  I sat at a meeting that my Mom went to where we were to decide which instrument we wanted to play and they were all priced at that time for us... I saw the saxophone and OH this was the instrument I wanted so bad!!!!!  But, the cost of it was extremely expensive.  My mom said the only instrument we could afford was the flute.  As it was the very least expensive of all the instruments.  So that week we got a flute and I begin to play that instrument. I did learn to love it and got very good at playing it, it was probably one of the easiest of band instruments to learn.

I played that instrument up until 9th grade when my dad surprised me with a Tenor Saxophone.  We had talked about it for years and he knew that it was what I really wanted to be playing, so he found me one at a pawn shop.... and surprised  me with it.  I begin practicing on it immediately.  My band teacher was excited because I was excited but he wanted me to wait until concert time because my marching plan was already for the flute.  I did finally get to march and do concert both with the saxophone.  The instrument was set up much like the flute, it was amazing how easy it was for me to transfer over to the tenor saxophone. I always loved the sound of the tenor sax.  I wasn't ever great, but it was an instrument that I loved.

After having my baby and falling on some hard financial times, I pawned my saxophone because I needed the money more than I needed the instrument at that time.  I hated to do it, but in the same sense knew my responsibilities were greater and my daughter was so much worth this sacrifice so I have never regretted that decision.... but  I have always wanted another saxophone.

Well, my guy is so amazing that he spent many hours researching, and pricing and trying to figure out the best type of saxophone he could get me, and he got me this beauty.... just out of the blue.

It is a 1967-1968 Buecheler Aristocrat Tenor Saxophone. (Isn't it gorgeous?)
He spent time finding the perfect saxophone for me... I love the older ones, the tone is so beautiful and the newer ones are more crisp and harsh sounding where the older ones have such a fluid tone to them, this is exactly what I wanted! :) I love it so much!
Now, he is going to pay for me to have it cleaned up, re-padded and tuned up.  (Now you  know just how spoiled I am, saxophones are NOT cheap... and neither is there maintenance.... but he is spending pretty much all of his extra money on me for this... now lets hope I can learn to play it again.)
Thank you baby!!! This is a gift from the heart, and I appreciate the thought, time and money you have put in to it for me. 

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