Friday, December 5, 2014

Whew, glad that is over with!

So if anyone is curious as to what happens with a colonoscopy and/or upper GI endoscopy... here is a synopsis of my day.

I hurried up to get to my appointment on time. Only to wait in the lobby area for about an hour. Then I am taking back to a holding are.... where a Nurse goes over a bunch of paperwork, lets me go potty and then gives me an IV.  Then my man is allowed back in the holding area with me, where we continue to wait for well over another hour.


From there I am taking into a SCOPE room. Where an anesthesiologist discussing my sedation with me, and I am hooked up to more wires and such.... and then my doctor comes in and says something like "I am going to take good care of you"... and poof, that is all I remember!

I wake up in holding area with my guy there, the nurse says I did great and as soon as I wake up I can get dressed. YIPPEE

I hurry up to get clothes on because I know my guy is tired of waiting it has been well over 3 hours actually already 4 hours by now... and that my friends is longer than any half marathon I have completed lol so I know its rough on him, because I myself I am exhausted from the long wait.

I get dressed to wait longer!  The doctor comes in and gives me photos of my procedure, and says everything looked good. He sent a sample tissue of my upper GI for pathology and some stool samples for culture... and says to continue taking the new Rx for Prilosec he gave me this week.  He said he wanted an ultrasound for the burning in my side, just to see if everything is ok... then I am good.

We wait again, for the nurse to schedule the ultrasound... lol finally I have my appointment for Monday morning and we can hit the road!

We went to eat immediately because OMG I can eat a cow right now!  I chose Mexican, not the healthiest food in the world, but I knew I could have chips and salsa IMMEDIATELY!!! :)

Anyway, glad that is over, and the procedure went well considering I don't remember a thing... and good news I don't have Crohn's or anything causing extensive issues..... I guess its just been the number that Metformin has done to my system. :)

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