Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My boy

I just love my little boy. So what if he isn't that little... lol he will always be my baby.

I think despite his laziness when it comes to his grades, bedroom and stuff... you know normal teenage laziness... I think he is a pretty fantabulous kid!

He had a very good Christmas.  I got him a Fossil watch, a hat he had been wanting, a nike jacket, and tools/tool box for his car.

His Dad gave him money.

I called him today because I haven't heard anything since Friday from him... I knew he was safe, but he knows to check in with me too.... he is at his Dad's.

He said he was doing good and coming home tomorrow.  I asked what he got for Christmas and he said money... and he had already spent it.

He bought an i-phone.  I said who is going to pay the monthly fees, he said him and his dad.... so I was excited for him. Why? Because I have heard how bad he wanted one since he was about 12... I mean almost daily.  But with car insurance, and feeding him lol there was no way I could add the expense of a phone too.  Also, I don't get adequate help in the form of support so all of his day to day needs I have to meet... therefore I couldn't promise to pay an expensive data plan every month. 

He sent me a text from his new phone so I would have a number.... I text him back... here is a screen shot.
All I could do was smile... I love my boy and he is awesome! :)

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