Monday, December 8, 2014

C-Diff... Really?

As some of you know, I have had health issues for a while.  Recent onset of Diabetes, started Metformin, started with profuse diarrhea, discontinued Metformin, weeks later Diarrhea improved but still present. I also had lab work, colonoscopy with EGD (also included stool sample and biopsy) and abdominal ultrasound.

The lab work was normal considering I have Diabetes, but it showed I was slightly dehydrated... Thomas and both spoke up to that because I DRINK WATER ALL THE TIME!!!  But, I have had diarrhea lol so I guess it would be normal to be dehydrated.  The colonoscopy and EGD was normal, besides something that was sent to biopsy and some inflammation in my upper GI region which he wanted me to take Prilosec for... (Really? I have no symptoms in the upper GI and I HATE taking medicine... but he said I only have to take it for 6 weeks to help with the inflammation).  I have not received results of Biopsy or Ultrasound yet, but today I received a call from my GI doctor saying my stool sample reported a bacterial infection.... C-Diff.

Clostridium difficile is a bacterial infection found in feces... it can develop by taking long term antibiotics (which I have not) or through contact. 

This bacterial infection definitely explains the fatigue, diarrhea and ultimately feeling lousy that I have been experiencing lately. No telling now if the Metformin helped me get this bacteria by causing profuse diarrhea, or if I had this and Metformin had no effect on me at all? I just don't know, probably never will.

I do know that I started on an antibiotic today, will have to eat yogurt for the next few weeks and hopefully will get back to myself.  I would say it has honestly been about 6 weeks since I have felt well.  I haven't ran much, I have tried so hard to make myself, but the energy is just not there. I do good to get up and go to work, and clean the house... I mean seriously every task I complete I WORK hard to complete these days.

I am happy to have found what the heck has been the problem, and hope to feel better soon. Hopefully the rest of the test results will come back with good results.

Sorry to write so much about my health, but others my have issues like mine and maybe I can be of help to them, and its my journal and its a way for me to reflect on things like this in the future when I can't remember lol.

C-Diff is a serious infection, and it NEVER crossed my mind, nor my physicians with the prolonged, horrible diarrhea I have had, I mean Metformin made sense, because I hadn't been on it long and its side effect is diarrhea.... but just remember diarrhea more than 3 times a day is not normal... especially if it continues up to 3 days.... you might need to see a physician!

Anyway, I have said the D word enough in this post lol  

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