Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sweet enough

I have recently found out that I am sweet enough.... sweet enough to have diabetes.

This started in May when I went for physical with a new physician who said my blood sugar was 208 fasting.  He said it was pre-diabetic because of my age and the fact that no one had ever said I was diabetic so he said he was labeling as pre-diabetic and offering me a chance to treat it with diet and exercise.  I took it as it was when he informed me of this and immediately started to eat better and was gung ho about getting this under control and beating this.

Well it wasn't long before I was eating pizza and hot wing again on occasion and really just over looking what the physician had said, even though I knew it wasn't right, it was my lifestyle to enjoy a date night and eat everything bad, or have a lazy weekend and totally pig out.  Mind you most days I ate well and didn't over do it, but there were those slip ups.

Well last week I missed a day of work because I just wasn't feeling well.... I finally broke down and bought a glucometer... I took my first blood sugar reading and it was 264, 2 hours after lunch.  I have since taken the blood sugar more often at random times and the numbers have not been normal.

So, today I went back to see my doctor to let him know about these numbers.  He was happy I went back to him but informed me that I must begin a medication regimen to try to control the glucose in my body.

I have found out that I am sweet enough and do not need to be ANY sweeter ;)

I have been on a weight loss journey, and trying to get healthy and reach my "badass" by 40 goal anyway, this will just help me stay a bit more focused on my over all health.

I hope to beat this still, and come back off the medication once I am eating a well balanced diet with low carb and sugar and I reach my ideal weight.  I am down in weight... I was 178lbs in May and today I weighed in at 164lbs.  That means I am moving in the right direction.

My guy and I cleaned out the fridge today to rid it of all things I no longer need and we have stocked it with fresh fruits/vegetables.  I have excellent support with my guy who has pretty much changed his eating habits to make it easier for me.  I love that he is that awesome!

So, here I go off on a new journey... all the roads will lead to one, which is my healthy life oh and don't forget it will all just lead me to my "badass" goal! :)

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