Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have not made a post because it's hard to even write about it but July 19th 2014 one of my dear friends Nick passed away from a sudden heart attack.
He was way too young and we were all just totally shocked over the loss of such a wonderful man.  He never met a stranger, he was funny, very smart, handsome, and had the best sarcasm.  He was very active on social media and it's amazing how much I miss his posts on facebook.  I miss him terribly even though we were many miles away from each other and I only got to spend one weekend of my life in person with him... we have had hours of online conversations in the old room I use to frequent on AOL and this group of friends have remained friends for many years through the internet.  He was very dear to me.  It's hard to explain how special he was, if I posted something that I was down he would be one of the first to respond to make me smile.  If I posted something about my runs he was one of the first to commend my efforts.  If I was looking for a pick me up from a sad or stressful day I could go to his page and look at his posts and be cheered up.  He loved his Ravens like I love my TIDE... and for that reason, I am now a Raven's fan. In honor of Nick I will root them on from here on out.  The world lost a very special spark when he was taken from us, and there is nothing that will fill his void.  He will forever be missed.

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