Friday, August 15, 2014

About the procedure

I went in yesterday morning for the Novasure Endometrial Ablation procedure with Hysteroscopy and D&C.  I give kudos to the Surgery Center here in Decatur because they worked like a well oiled machine. I was very well taken care of and everything was explained thoroughly.  I felt comfortable and ease through the entire process.

The Anesthetist played music, and was just fun... he made me feel like I could have been in surgery at Grey's Anatomy or something. The Anesthesiologist was very friendly and informative.  And of course my Physician performing the procedure was AWESOME as always.

I woke up with cramping immediately but they had given me some meds to help and nothing was unbearable. Just discomfort. The cramps proceded for most of the day. But, by the afternoon they had subsided and I felt rather normal.  The only other discomfort I have are my hips are very sore, the Nurse warned me about this because of the position they put me in during procedure my hips might hurt.... she was right.

Today (the day after surgery) no cramps, hips are less sore, lower back and stomach are sore.  But just sore, nothing bad or to keep me from my daily activities. In fact I have plans to get off my ass in here in a bit and clean this house! :)

I expected bleeding to occur afterwards, but I have only spotted here and there a little.  I had a few "gushes" within the first few hours of surgery but nothing since then, have worn a pad as precaution, but seems I may not need that any longer.

I am glad I have finally had the procedure done, and pleased with the whole process this far, now to see how well it works when the menstrual cycle begins.

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