Thursday, August 28, 2014



OMG I chopped my hair off before, which I remember posting about earlier.... but I am trying to grow it out now and OMG IT SUCKS SO HARD!!!!

Now I am torn, do I want to grow it out or just chop it back off again.. it sucks THAT HARD! lol I liked it short, once I got over the initial shock of it... I got to love the ease of it, and how quick it was to get ready and look half way presentable without much effort.... just look at this picture... I was going to help my Mom move ad all I did was get up and throw a bandana on my head and poof cute, and ready to go. No work.  Now, it's so out of shape and hard to deal with that I have to spend extra time to get it to lay in a presentable way.... ughhhhh Today I just threw a hat on my head because I didn't want to fool with it. 

I am going to give it a few more months and hopefully it will get better... I miss having more hair, but I miss the short hair ease... lol decisions decisions.


I have not made a post because it's hard to even write about it but July 19th 2014 one of my dear friends Nick passed away from a sudden heart attack.
He was way too young and we were all just totally shocked over the loss of such a wonderful man.  He never met a stranger, he was funny, very smart, handsome, and had the best sarcasm.  He was very active on social media and it's amazing how much I miss his posts on facebook.  I miss him terribly even though we were many miles away from each other and I only got to spend one weekend of my life in person with him... we have had hours of online conversations in the old room I use to frequent on AOL and this group of friends have remained friends for many years through the internet.  He was very dear to me.  It's hard to explain how special he was, if I posted something that I was down he would be one of the first to respond to make me smile.  If I posted something about my runs he was one of the first to commend my efforts.  If I was looking for a pick me up from a sad or stressful day I could go to his page and look at his posts and be cheered up.  He loved his Ravens like I love my TIDE... and for that reason, I am now a Raven's fan. In honor of Nick I will root them on from here on out.  The world lost a very special spark when he was taken from us, and there is nothing that will fill his void.  He will forever be missed.

Fur babies

Lately here is what is going on with my Fur Babies.


Reuben got into to something and got his eye infected... luckily some TLC and medication and he is all better now.

My Zoe is doing well, she was a little upset she got a bath... and hasn't been too friendly to me lately but she is lazy as ever and doing well in her new home.


And Katee (Starbuck) is an absolute mess.... lol she gets me up every morning way earlier than my clock does.... she claws at EVERYTHING including my skin.  She is as rotten as any kitten, but she is so purrrrfect!


Here is how they spend most of their day.... lol

and now I need to introduce another fur baby... but this one is a Grand baby.... lol My daughter and her Boyfriend have a dog now... her name is STAR.

She is pretty isn't she!!! She is a little scared of me right now... but she will get more comfortable in time.... here are all my fur babies.

Post procedure

Well it has been two weeks since my procedure (Ablation) and I so far so good. I have to wear a pad still due to some inconsistent sudden "gush" of fluid I will have.  I have done research on this and it can be normal up to a month post procedure. This has gotten better also.  My only complaint so far is having to wear pads for so long and trying to be active with running the rawness is really a pain... literally!

But, it's about time for my first cycle, so I am curious to see what it will be like! So far so good.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Go Raiders!

My son plays football and he is a Sophomore.  Tonight was his first ever Friday night lights football game!  He is second string so didn't see play time but it was great to see him out there on the sidelines and I know he has worked hard this year. 

They played Homewood and it was a great match up of teams. Both teams very defensive.  This caused for a great season opening game!  We won 10-7 and I look forward to watching more Raider's football this year!


He is #61.... :) Love my boy

Friday, August 15, 2014

About the procedure

I went in yesterday morning for the Novasure Endometrial Ablation procedure with Hysteroscopy and D&C.  I give kudos to the Surgery Center here in Decatur because they worked like a well oiled machine. I was very well taken care of and everything was explained thoroughly.  I felt comfortable and ease through the entire process.

The Anesthetist played music, and was just fun... he made me feel like I could have been in surgery at Grey's Anatomy or something. The Anesthesiologist was very friendly and informative.  And of course my Physician performing the procedure was AWESOME as always.

I woke up with cramping immediately but they had given me some meds to help and nothing was unbearable. Just discomfort. The cramps proceded for most of the day. But, by the afternoon they had subsided and I felt rather normal.  The only other discomfort I have are my hips are very sore, the Nurse warned me about this because of the position they put me in during procedure my hips might hurt.... she was right.

Today (the day after surgery) no cramps, hips are less sore, lower back and stomach are sore.  But just sore, nothing bad or to keep me from my daily activities. In fact I have plans to get off my ass in here in a bit and clean this house! :)

I expected bleeding to occur afterwards, but I have only spotted here and there a little.  I had a few "gushes" within the first few hours of surgery but nothing since then, have worn a pad as precaution, but seems I may not need that any longer.

I am glad I have finally had the procedure done, and pleased with the whole process this far, now to see how well it works when the menstrual cycle begins.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Novasure Ablasion

I am finally able to have the procedure I have only dreamed about for years!  My deductible is $1500 and the thought of spending that money on an elective type procedure that wasn't TOTALLY Necessary made me sick to my stomach and was never considered feesible in my book.
Until now!  I had all that scare with my breast in May and it has caused me to reach most of that deductible.  So now I only have $300 left of deductible and 20% of the procedure it is $500 so for $800 vs the $1500 + 20%... I feel it's time to go ahead and get it done.
My periods are of the devil, I mean pure evil.  I bloat for days before it and my cramping is absolutely ridiculous. Then when I start... WATCH OUT! I need a change of clothes often, and most times I wear more than one pad.  I absolutely can not wear a tampon... haven't been able to do that in YEARS! 
The doctor has told me previously I was a candidate for the procedure but this year is my lucky year!!!
August 14th!!! I can not wait!!! :) I go tomorrow to have my pre-op stuff done (labs and such).... it's really happening!!! WOOHOO!!!!