Friday, June 20, 2014

Whassss uppp???

I just figured I should update my blog because I haven't in so long.

I am down 8 lbs since the doctor said I was pre-diabetic. WOOOHOO!! I have been eating much better and really staying away from foods I know could raise my blood sugar.  This means no potatoes, no bread, no white pasta lol its grueling, but its working!

I feel so much better. 

The other things I started the same time I started eating better is I no longer drink soda... well I might have a sprite zero from time to time but it is rare and not daily.  I have had no caffeine in over 3 weeks now!!! :) No headaches or withdrawals any longer either.

I feel wonderful!

I also am finding a taste for red wine. I usually like the blush or white wines because the darks are so bitter to me... but I am loving this new Pinot Noir we found.  And, today on my way home from work I picked up a Train (my favorite band) Drops of Jupiter wine and a Dave Matthews dreaming tree Crush (blended red wine) to try over the next few days.  This has made me happy today. 
I have no idea what the weekend holds, but I assume it will be consuming some of this!!!
I have mucho chores that need to happen this weekend, so I hope I can stay on track and get it all done.
I also hope I can find time to write here more often..... lol

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