Thursday, May 8, 2014

Paranoid or serious

I went to change clothes last night and noticed a nice size knot on my right breast.  It's about the size of a walnut.  I have a knot on that side sometimes that comes with menstrual cycle and goes away, and this could be the same thing, but it seems a bit higher, and bigger than normal.  It is probably just some glandular thing and nothing to be worried about but I got a big freaked last night when I first noticed it.  I could cup my hand around it and felt like it was the size of my palm.  But, today it is much smaller... still the size of a walnut though.  Not sure if it was swollen yesterday or what? So that is why I am leaning toward a glandular thing or some cyst that might need to be drained, but today its more lumpy and hard and moves around some.  I have no idea what I have been feeling for when I check my breasts anyway, so figured now that something is differently different from the norm I need to get it checked out.

Called this morning and having an appt with the MD... I am writing this as I sit here waiting on that appt. 

I think of all the women who go through things such as breast cancer and the fears and the anxiety and the unknown and how they have to cope with all of these emotions and then they find out news and yet those emotions are still there even after they have more knowledge. 

Your health is such a valuable thing, I am more than likely fine as most women who find lumps in their breast are absolutely normal and benign instances.... but it still makes you stop and reflect on what matters most. 

I will post an update probably later tonight that says.... it was all just a hormonal glandular thing and nothing for me to get all worked up about.

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