Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No news is good news, I hope

I was told on Thursday that I would get the results of the Mammo/US on Monday.  So I waited the weekend, and waited out ALL DAY LONG yesterday and never received the call.  I called the office at 3:30 as just a reminder that "Hey, I am over here stressing, please let me know something!!!" They were placing a message for the doctor.. but nothing.

All I can say is I hope no news is good news.  Lumps are still there and concerning.  My cycle came out of the blue yesterday, no real warning unless you count my emotional breakdown over the weekend as part of it? I don't know. Maybe I am just hormonal.   Then I thought maybe the lumps were hormonal and just coming because of my cycle?  They are still there today (Tuesday).

Maybe its caffeine I have been told, I didn't have but one caffeinated drink all day today, one on Sunday, one and Saturday.... and honestly was only drinking about 2 a day leading up to this mess.

I am sick of trying to think of what could be, I mean I have turned every negative thought I come up with into a positive too many times to think about.  THIS IS PROBABLY NOTHING, but what if it isn't?

The not knowing is driving me crazy... making me crazier, however you want to look at it, I am crazy!!!

Surely I will find out something today, but I hope very hopeful, I didn't hear anything yesterday because it isn't a big enough deal to have found time to talk to me about it.

And, today I head out the door again not knowing, and waiting.

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