Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I spent Saturday with Mom which was great.  We planted some trees/flowers in her garden, and we went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings (her choice surprisingly).  It was a great day, we don't spend good days like that often enough.

Saturday night I went to a D-Tri party at my friend Ali's house, not many showed up but it made for a nice little party.  I am glad we went.  I drank a few more drinks than I do normally lol but it was a much needed release.  Unfortunately I fell asleep on Thomas probably by 9pm.

Sunday, I got up and got a long 10 mile run in with my friend Leigh Ann it was a much needed time with nature.  The humidity about killed me and I might have walked more than I ran... lol but I still got 10 miles... I love my running buddies, I wouldn't have got that done had it not been for Leigh Ann coming to run with me.

After the run I hurried to get ready to go to Cullman to meet Thomas' family for lunch.

Then came home and had a pretty emotional day for the most part.  I didn't get to see my daughter, she did call to wish me a Happy Mother's day but that broke my heart not getting to see her. I didn't get to my son until close to dinner time as he was at his Dad's and that was rough.

I got a beautiful card, but it could have been more special if it was signed.

I still don't know results from testing that was done Friday and that has me emotional.  Ultimately it was a rough day and the worst Mother's day ever.  I have had one or two more depressing Mother's Day's but this one topped the cake.

Maybe it's a holiday I need not celebrate anymore.  Or maybe I am just too much of a basket case this weekend.  I know I love my babies more than life and all I want is for them to be happy, I am proud to be their Mom. 

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