Monday, May 26, 2014

Garden or no Garden

Thomas and I have discussed having a garden several times this year.  We have had one thing after another needed done other than a garden though.  Like a lawnmower, we have had issues with lawnmowers since the mowing season has begun.

Luckily I am with a genius of a man, who has got the lawnmower working!! :)

And on a spur of the moment after dinner today we decided to go ahead and get some plants to plant for our garden.

We bought 5 different tomato plants, a green pepper plant, a yellow squash and zucchini squash plant. 

Came home and mowed the grass, got the tomato cages ready and was fixing to till up the yard when there was an issue with the tiller... yep it wouldn't work.  My guy took it apart and cleaned up the parts and put it all back together and got it running, but it isn't running great.... we need a part for it. 

So for now the plants are not in the ground, but if we have to we will just dig up a spot for them since we didn't get that many.... we will have some fresh garden veggies in our own back yard this summer and that makes me HAPPY! :)

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