Thursday, May 8, 2014

A little concerned

Well, the doctor agreed that my right breast is abnormal.  He referred to it as "thickening"... not sure if that is good or bad.  DON'T SEARCH THE INTERNET FOR PEACE OF MIND!!!

I am scheduled to have a mammogram in the morning.  There is an order for ultrasound if needed.  I am more than likely going to see a surgeon regardless of the results as a precaution/biopsy within a few weeks if symptoms do not improve sayeth the MD.

This will be my first mammogram, so that alone has me a bit nervous.  Then, there is the fear of the unknown, what could be and what could not be... its a bit weird.

Here is another thing, I have a couple of symptoms that are odd that have been occurring on my right side...same side as this issue... now I am wondering if they are all connected?  I made an appt with a new Primary care physician for the end of this month (I scheduled it two months ago)... I do not have a doctor... haven't had one in YEARS.  I made this appt because of the odd symptoms I have had.  I have a knot on my head that has been there for several years, I feel like I have lost some muscle strength in the right side of my upper body especially the neck muscles/tendons.  I have a weird itchy irritation that I feel in one of the glands under my chin that only happens occasionally but drives me INSANE when it happens. I also have had some palpitations out of the blue while doing absolutely nothing... and now I have a weird "thickening" of my right breast. 

My mind is probably playing tricks on me, and making things seems like they could be related and I will probably find out that everything is normal in a few days time.  I just hope I don't go insane in the mean time!

I am sure it is fine... just rambling on, I will wait and explain all the other symptoms to my primary care doctor in a couple of weeks because I am sure this test tomorrow is going to be fine.  And, this new doctor will be like "This girl is insane!". 

I have always had my health. I have been obese and now I am still over weight, but always been fairly healthy. I do not take daily medication, I have no diagnoses to carry around with me. I wear glasses for my vision, but other than nothing is being treated, which I feel is awesome and that I have been blessed.  Now, I can't help but think.... what the heck is going on with me? 

Anyway, this wondering/waiting doesn't do much for the thought process lol... it's time to keep the positive attitude.  It's all going to be fine.

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