Sunday, May 4, 2014


Wow, I am really pushing that big 4.0. 

My birthday was pleasant, my guy who is my biggest fan always manages to spoil me rotten!  He got me tickets to see Def Leppard!!! "Poor some sugar on me"!!!  I can not WAIT to have a blast in Nashville!!!

He also took me on my birthday and bought me some new clothes! :) and we had a nice dinner out at Buffalo wild wings where they had Wood Chuck hard cider on tap.... I have never had hard cider in draft form and it was delicious!!!!

My mom Cathy (Thomas' mom) Gave me a very nice gift, of a gift card to sports academy and a gift card to cracker barrel... yep I am spoiled by her too!!!

It was a great day!  I am not officially 2 years out from my goal... and I have to get busy!!!

Sooooo I bought myself the Betty Rocker Fuel system for trying to learn how to eat cleaner and healthier.... let's get this party started!!!

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