Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wow it is already March 12th

My last post to my blog was Jan 1st, talk about slacking!  I am going to try to do a brief recap, and then just move forward.

Well, I went on with the new year resolutions as I usually do and let the all slide by the way side. It sucks but I am not disappointed, minor set backs is all.

I have steadily been training for the Oak Barrel Half Marathon with my friend Ali.  She has been super patient with me, and really is a great running partner.

We had a nice snow this year, which involved playing in it and eating it! :)
I got to celebrate another wonderful Valentine's with my guy!  I did have a mishap with his Valentine's gift. I ordered him Sheri's berries and they didn't get delivered due to weather, and arrived several days late.  He did get to enjoy a couple of them... and I was refunded the money... so I get to try to do something nice for him when he doesn't expect it now! :)
I went on a trip to Lafayette Louisiana for work for a week, I flew there and and flew back home, it was a neat trip but the flight home during storms was not pleasant and I missed my family while I was gone.
The day after my trip Thomas and I took a trip to B'ham. On the way we stopped by a neat little flea mall and then spend several hours walking around the botanical gardens... it was a wonderful day and I look forward to going back to those gardens when the flowers are in full bloom.  That place was AWESOME!

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