Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's uppppppppp????

For starters let me tell you about my new coffee drink, created by Tbone (my guy) he has came up with a way for me to enjoy a caramel iced coffee for only 44 calories for one THIS LARGE (see photo above).  Yep I know that is pretty fantastic, and it taste absolutely delish!  Also, when he adds a shot of Kahlua to it, its STILL low calorie... this is a huge win for me!!! :)
On other news, I got clippy things for my bike!!! I got the wimpy ones because I am TERRIFIED of being clipped into my bike.. 
Got a new helmet too, I thought I could us a grown up with, the last two I have used were childrens, one even has flames on it! 
 New clippy shoes to go with my clippy pedals too!!! 
Report after first attempt to ride with said clippy things.... I didn't fall!!! I clipped in and clipped out and didn't fall, so all is well. I was terrified... but I did it and look forward to my next ride.  I still needs lots of practice.
See the red face above? That was after a 4.5 mile that took a 1hr and 5 min to complete... Please pray for me next week as I try to tackle 13 mile in less than 3 hrs and 13min.  Although a hilly half marathon may  not be the best to try to PR haha... one mile at a time and we will see what happens. 
My guy is my bike guy and I am so glad for that, because I still have too much to learn about the bike.
We have been hitting the rink again... I have faced my fears and got back out there.  Already loosed up my trucks some (errr Thomas did for me) and can turn around again... baby steps, but steps toward becoming a better skater.  I can not believe how many calories you burn skating!!!
Anyway, that is what's up lately.  I work 4 days this week and then Thomas and I head out of town for me to do that half marathon, and spend some time away from home for the weekend and the next weekend I will be doing my duathlon and another half marathon... lol send good vibes to my legs please and thank you.

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