Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Should've, Could've no more

 It is time to stop the should have and could have comments when it comes to things in my life.

Should have went to the gym. 
Could have taken the dog for a walk
Should have started that load of laundry
Could have gotten up early this morning
Should have went to be earlier
Shouldn't have ate all that food
Could have picked a healthier choice
Should have pushed harder on the run
Could have PR'rd that half marathon

Yep.. I am done with the should haves and could haves.  I am going to be I will, I did type of girl.

I am enjoying my lazy morning and I am kinda of not wanting to get up and get dressed today, since today is my day off, but I WILL get up and get dressed. I WILL go the gym and get a helluva workout in and I WILL be mindful of everything that I eat today.

I really don't want to clean the house up but I WILL clean up the kitchen and get the laundry going.

It is miserably cold outside but I WILL bundle up and take my dog for a walk.

I WILL do these things today so I don't have the opportunity to fret over the should haves or could haves of today and I will actually be making things happen in my life!

Happy New YEAR!!!

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