Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You win some, you lose some!

Some Alabama fans have been spoiled to winning.  I am sick of hearing about that game.  I mean if I hear anything I would rather hear an Auburn fan gloating or something.... it is a rivalry game, this is their time to be proud.  Someone is always a loser and there is nothing much worse than a sore loser.

Did I like the game? Yes, it kept me on the edge and we didn't know who was going to pull off the victory. Did I want my team to lose? No, who ever does? Do I think there was some mighty luck involved yes, and it has followed those Tigers all season.  We have not played like the #1 team more than one game this year, and truthfully we did not bring it to that ball field either.  We made a lot of errors that cost us.  We lost because of it, and what is done is done. If you are a Bama fan who believes that you can accuse someone of stepping out of bounds days after the play, or how this was fair and that wasn't fair and blah blah blah I really feel sorry for you.  Your life must be completely miserable.

So to Auburn and the rest of the world. I apologize for the ignorant people in the world.  You won. Congrats, and watch our for us next year! ;)  Please understand the majority of Bama fans feel the way I do. We hate to lose, we hate to lose to you most of all... but its a good game and a great rivalry.  Enjoy your bragging rights this year. 

And, to my "Cardiac boys".... you have made me so proud to be your fan.  You know I converted to a Bama fan about 8 years ago.  First time my in my life my heart has been for a team. I bleed Crimson and I think you are an amazing group of guys and wow what an awesome coach you have.  We started off on top, EVERYONE wanted a piece of the Tide.  You did us proud and won so many games in a row, unfortunately you spoiled some fans in the process.  I understand that there is no such thing as an unbeaten team.  It took many games and some fluke luck to pull off this upset. I am proud to be from Alabama. Roll Tide Roll!!!!

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