Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street

Thomas, Cathy (Thomas' mom) and myself went to the movie theatre to see The Wolf of Wall Street
When we went to purchase our tickets at the register the worker said she had to let us know that the movie was "hard".  She was trying to make sure that Cathy wouldn't be offended because the movie has many patrons leaving within the first hour due to the graphic sex scenes and language and drug use.  Cathy's response "I reckon it's something I have seen before".  haha gotta love that huh?
We proceed to watch the movie... OMG it is HARDCORE!!!  I don't usually shy away from things but this movie had me blush a few times. It was funny as hell at times, and I think DiCaprio has made another awesome movie! He did an excellent job.  If you do not offend easily with potty mouth, sex I mean close to porn sex scenes and drugs... lots and lots of drugs... then I highly recommend you go see this movie!!! I loved it!


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