Sunday, December 1, 2013

Iron Bowl Surprises

I was outside working in the yard with Thomas on the Christmas lightshow. Which was going smoothly but it is running a bit behind schedule.  When I looked up and saw a white car in the driveway.  I was wondering who it could be.  Thomas said "Is that your dad?" I said "no, my dad wouldn't be here?" and he said "Yes, it's your dad".   I was so surprised by his visit. I hadn't showered, was covered in the dirt and the house, oh my God you do not want to know what my house looked like... ACK!  But, I didn't care "too" much about it because I was so glad to see him! 

We put some drinks on ice and settled in with a nice bowl of warm chili that Thomas had been cooking over night and we were ready to watch the most exciting football game of the year. The Iron Bowl! 

Only to ultimately get our hearts broken by the unexpected kick return that won the game for Auburn. If was a very traumatizing loss as we had our hearts set on another SEC championship and even possibly our 3rd National Championship in a row... all of that to end due to some pretty dumb luck.  Oh well. Auburn did come to play and even though I honestly feel we (Alabama) beat ourselves instead of Auburn beating us... it happened and they get to glow in their glory until next year! I am still going to cross my fingers, eyes, ears, legs, feet, toes... well EVERYTHING in hopes for a little miracle of our own this year, but regardless I love my BAMA and still shout ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! We will get 'em next year boys!

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