Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wow I really need to write more!!!

What all has been going on with me? Well, lots!

For starters I did start my new job and that is going well. I am getting use to the longer drive and starting to get into a groove with the new position. :)

My fitness, I have signed up for the Oak Barrel Half Marathon in April so that is what I am focused on as for my training now and I have a running buddy in Decatur now too, so this is AWESOME!!!

We have been enjoying Alabama Football most Saturdays! ROLL TIDE!!!

My son has finished his Freshman year of Football.  He is not doing as well as he could with his grades but his attitude has been more pleasant... we might survive the teenage years. :)

My dog is as awesome as ever!

My house is cozy and lived in.

The bills are paid.

All is well! :)


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