Wednesday, November 27, 2013

T'was the night before Thanksgiving

Well, it's sort of a depressing holiday for me.  My daughter hasn't contacted me in about a month, which is breaking my heart to pieces.  My son is spending the Holiday with his dad which is nothing abnormal, but just leaves me feeling a little empty this holiday season.  Financially I couldn't see spending the money to make a big dinner.  Not sure if Thomas and I will go to his family's dinner or not at this point. We are making that decision tonight I guess.  I am fine if we go and visit with them or if we stay home either one.

 I am getting deeper and deeper into a funk. Haven't worked out like I planned this week but my "friend" came to visit this week and that will never be a good workout during the first few days because its damn near impossible to get a good workout feeling as bad as I do.   So, I am not going to beat myself up about it but it only ways heavier on my funky mood.  A good workout helps my lift spirit.

The girls and I at work had a feast today in celebration of Thanksgiving.
Prety nice lunch I would say! We had a fried turkey, dressing, tater salad, croissants, mac n cheese, corn, pears, cranberry sauce, strawberry pretzel salad and cookies.  :)
I am thankful for my best friend and partner in life Thomas. My son who is a teenager but I love him anyway :) My daughter who has seem to forgotten all about me, my dog even though he was a very bad boy yesterday, my home that is a bit cluttered and messy but very warm tonight, my job that is challenging but keeps me entertained during the day and the fact that I may be broke but the bills are paid.  I will be very thankful indeed for all of these things and many more.  I am thankful that even though I don't spend much time with my mom, she is still around to call tomorrow and let her know I am thankful for her. I am thankful that I get to see my Dad on Sunday and get talk to him frequently. I am thankful that Thomas has his hobby and things he enjoys in life.  I am thankful for all of my many blessings in this life, even if at times I feel the weight of the world on me, I know how blessed I am. 
I wish all my friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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