Saturday, October 26, 2013

Moving on up

Well I have a new job, new title, and new responsibilities.  My plate will be full with those responsibilities for a while as I try to organize the office I will be in.

My new job has me driving 35 miles one way to work each day and back.

I left my last job because of the drive lol its ironic I have taken another job with distance, but I made this decision because my pay cut to this position has about killed me the last year. I am still with the same organization so it's not like I am a starting a new job, but going from office staff to management.

I am excited for the new challenges I am facing as my other position was not very challenging at all, which was also not very stressful.  Now I have the opportunity to prove my worth yet again, and take on the challenges and conquer them.  I work well in this type of work, but tend to stress... in the past week I can tell my blood pressure has went up greatly as my face has been staying flushed, I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment, and wonder where to start... but have confidence in time it will all work out nicely.

Now, to be able to manage these new responsibilities along with the household responsibilities and not let my workouts/exercise get compromised... I only went to the gym Monday this past week... I had been going 4-5 days a lets get to managing myself so I can manage others! :) haha

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