Saturday, October 26, 2013

Moving on up

Well I have a new job, new title, and new responsibilities.  My plate will be full with those responsibilities for a while as I try to organize the office I will be in.

My new job has me driving 35 miles one way to work each day and back.

I left my last job because of the drive lol its ironic I have taken another job with distance, but I made this decision because my pay cut to this position has about killed me the last year. I am still with the same organization so it's not like I am a starting a new job, but going from office staff to management.

I am excited for the new challenges I am facing as my other position was not very challenging at all, which was also not very stressful.  Now I have the opportunity to prove my worth yet again, and take on the challenges and conquer them.  I work well in this type of work, but tend to stress... in the past week I can tell my blood pressure has went up greatly as my face has been staying flushed, I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment, and wonder where to start... but have confidence in time it will all work out nicely.

Now, to be able to manage these new responsibilities along with the household responsibilities and not let my workouts/exercise get compromised... I only went to the gym Monday this past week... I had been going 4-5 days a lets get to managing myself so I can manage others! :) haha

Monday, October 14, 2013

A letter to my Daughter

Dear Beautiful Girl,

I love you so very much.  I hope you are doing well. I miss you terribly.  I try to call or text but the last attempt you told me I worry to much and you were fine, so I am trying really hard to give you space and not crowd you.

Your decisions the last few months have not been my choice for you. I chose for you to go to college and for you to have a life better than that I gave to you.  Mostly in life I want you to be happy though. I could tell you this if you gave me the opportunity to discuss it.  I am disappointed yes, only because I fear for you as I know how hard life is, I know how cruel it can be and it frightens me to know you are making decisions now that effect you so greatly, but it's your life. You have to live it.  I wish you wouldn't have pushed me away to do what you wanted. I wish you would have just talked with me. I feel we have lost so much of our relationship and it's just awkward and hard to figure out where to go from here, especially when we don't talk.

I am sorry you feel I deserve this sort of torture, you probably don't know what your doing to me... you are so young. I am trying to be, and will continue to be supportive of your decisions as they are your decisions. I don't agree, but its not my life and I understand that.  I love you no matter what and always will. You are smart and I am sure you will figure things out.

You still have a few more things to take care of on my end, some things that make you responsible for you and since you have moved out over 3 months ago, its time you handle those responsibilities... it is part of being a grown up.  I hope I don't have to be the bad guy AGAIN and hope you do the mature thing here, we don't have much time.  I wish you the best with this cruel life, and I am here whenever you want to have your mom again, I will wait patiently here for you to come back as an adult and share experiences with me. I sure hope you do. I miss you terribly.

Love always,
Your Mom

Getting my pink on

I am not claiming to be good at painting my nails, but I thought I would do them up the best I could for the occasion! :)

It's October, Think Pink!  It is breast cancer awareness month.

I am excited to be a part of something great this year. I will be doing my first ever Liz Hurley Ribbon Run for breast cancer awareness. I will be doing this on a team called "Sweetie's Girls".  This is super special to me, because this team was created in honor of a women who I love dearly.  She was like a second mom to me in childhood.  Unfortunately life took me down different paths and I wasn't very close to her once I grew up, but I never forgot her and I still have vivid memories of our time together. She was SO MUCH FUN to be around! She was full of life and full of spunk.  I found out a few years ago when I hooked back up with one of my dear friends (her daughter) that Sweetie (her grandkids called her that and it was so fitting!) that she was a breast cancer survivor. She was bad ass! She supported this race every year and was very passionate about this cause.  Her daughter (Ronda) made a team in her honor this year and I am lucky enough to be on it!  We are going to make Martha (Sweetie) so proud!!!!

Thomas' Birthday Weekend

I surprised Thomas with a weekend getaway in Atlanta.  It was a horror themed weekend.  We stayed in a nice hotel, hit up some haunted houses and Fright Fest at Six Flags.

The first we drove around trying to find a place to eat, and we wound up here... "We found Nemo!" and it was good!  The best meal I had in a long time! We must eat here again!

Then, we hit the first haunted house. Netherworld

This was a perfect haunted house.  There were two different haunts.  We got there right when the ticket booth opened, had hardly no wait.  We went right through both haunts and I screamed, and I screamed did I mention I screamed?!?  It was great! Their characters had wonderful movie type make up and outfits.  The scares where perfectly timed, the sets were given explicit detail, well worth the money, time and effort to find this place! 

After that we headed to downtown Atlanta, in hunt for Chamber of Horrors haunted house.  Not being from Atlanta and having to park a ways a way from this haunt in downtown, the environment alone was scary!  I was thinking we could so get mugged here.  Chamber of Horrors was awesome! I did not take my camera in these haunts and there was no way to try to take pictures of this one, but I am telling you it was awesome!  I am going to try to walk you through my experience.  We get up there to the entrance and there is no line. None!  We go to pay for our tickets and they have us sign a waiver and go through some details. "There will be profanity, there will be breast"... and so on.  We go through and they have a bar setup, so we grab us a drink.  Again there is really no line, there are only 2 groups of people in front of us.  The person manning the entrance is a Drag Queen, they call Nurse Stanky.  There is a guy swallowing swords and breathing fire as we wait to go in the entrance just to entertain us.  It gets our turn to go in, and from start to finish.  There were scary unstable elevators and someone even tried to take my boobs... SERIOUSLY! It was definitely adult, but one of the best haunted houses I have ever been too, if you don't mind being screamed at, pissed on, and having a giant vagina squirt you... it's a great place to visit! 

We had not stopped all day by the time the second haunt was over so we decided, why end here? We looked up a theater that had IMAX 3D (because Thomas has mentioned several times he wanted to see Gravity in IMAX 3D), and we found one 20 miles away.  We said what the heck, we got there right in the nick of time to catch the movie.  It was amazing! More excitement, suspense, to the end our night.  We got back to the room at around 1am.  

Saturday morning we woke up and just basically lounged most of the morning, as we were to do Six Flags all day/night this day.  We got there around 1pm and were immediately faced with issues.  
1. You can't take your bag, it was a small back pack those that easily sit on your back with the draw strings.  So we walked back to the car to leave my bag, and all I had was a small wallet that had a strap and the guy said it was ok to have that.
2. The lines were ridiculous, we should have known, but lol you never really are prepared for these kind of waits.
3. Everything is a rip off, I feel I was financially raped.
4. They have you pay 50 bucks almost a ticket to get into the park then charge $25 more for a fright fest arm bracelet to get into the frights at night.
5. The lines for the frights were excruciatingly long, and the scares pretty much sucked.  

I guess the scares at Six Flags would have been better to me if I hadn't already experienced such amazing ones the night before.  But, I do not think we will ever spend the money to go through that again. 

We woke up Sunday morning and just chilled until we were ready to drive home.  We stopped by cracker barrel for nice breakfast before our drive and then made it home safely.

I think he enjoyed his Birthday weekend.  I know my voice was gone for 3 days after it from all the screaming I did on Friday night! :) It was great!