Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

He is 15 years old today.
He is #54 in this photo.

15 Years ago I held his sweet little body in my hands and though what an amazing little baby he is, he was determined to get his way at a very early age. :)
He loved the word "no" when he was two, and the two's had nothing on the three's! He was a little terror, always demanding attention, but he could go from sad/angry to happy/smiling in a split second. His smile would melt my heart right down to mush.  He would give the biggest and best hugs, and he would just come up and say "I love you momma".  A lot has changed with him over the last 15 years. He has grown to be 6'1" and he wears a size 13 shoe at a whopping 172 lbs.  He is a BIG BOY now! But, he still gives the Best hugs in the world!  He still has attitude and him and I butt heads quite often, it never is pretty when this happens. I think he must be a lot like me. In the heat of our arguing sometimes I just want to ring his neck, but then later he will come to me and say "I am sorry, I didn't meant that" and he will give me one those heart melting hugs that make my world just a better place to be at that moment!

I truly wish everyone could experience one of that big boy's hugs, they are prescious and I feel absolutely honored to still receive them, and I get them often. Not in front of his friends, or anything but often still he comes up and just hugs me. I could be in the kitchen doing dishes, and he will come up and put his arm around me, he doesn't move until I cut the water off and turn around to him to get my great big hug! Did I mention how much I love those hugs? He doesn't give me my night time hugs as he did for many years, those were sort of forced hugs he had to come give me "night love" before he went to bed. At first when he stopped doing this, it hurt my feelings.  But, now that I realize he still giving me my hugs and they are more precious than the mandatory night time hugs I will gladly take those any single day over the night time ones! These hugs he means, and he has nothing but love in them!

He is now a Freshman in High School. He is in Honor classes, and doing very well so far.  He is a Football player and not only just any Football player is now starting Offensive and Defensive line as well as Team Captain.  He is very handsome and has the biggest hard to go along with that pretty big temper ;) He always speaks his mind and has his own opinions about things which often times are opposite mine, I think he does it just to get to me! :)

I am super proud of my big boy!

We went to get his learners permit and so far he has impressed me with his driving, still a beginning with the stopping and taking off and turns and such, much to practice but still very good and doesn't scare me as much as the other young driver I had ;)

Happy Birthday and thank you for the best 15 years of my life! I am thankful that I got the chance to be your Mother.

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