Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Freshmen

My daughter is started at UAH and will be a Freshman this year.  My son is starting at DHS and will be a Freshman this year... it's  just amazing how time has flown and my kiddos are all grown.

I have my own issues with my daughter right now, but I do want to brag on my son.  He has stood beside me with things recently. He has been supportive of my goals with my fitness and ultimately hasn't gave me too much grief at all this summer. We had some bad times last year and couple of counseling sessions later we are doing much much better.  I am super proud of him!  He will be on the advanced track as he has all advanced classes and he is going to be one heck of a football player this year!  He is already 6"1 wears a size 13 shoe and weighs 170 lbs.  He is a beast!

Isn't he handsome! :)

I do want to give my daughter kudos for making Chamber Choir as a Freshman, this is a big accomplishment for her and I am proud of her.

I love both my kids beyond words, and I hope they both have exciting new beginnings this year. I wish nothing for them but good health and happiness this school year!

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