Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When to move out

My daughter came to me to discuss moving out. Her plan is to move in with 4 other friends in to a home. Split rent/utilities/cable/groceries 5 ways.  I told her I didn't think was a good idea because she was going to be broke all the time and not get to enjoy any fun like going to a movie and stuff, but if she lived at home and went to college then she would just be working for gas/food/entertainment basically and she could make it better. I did tell her it was ultimately her decision to make but that I couldn't help her if she moved out. Financially I can only put a roof over her head, feed her, pay her cell phone and that if she decided to move out it would be all on her own as I couldn't help her.

The next day she told me that she wasn't going to move out because her headlight in her car went out and she just knew there would always be something like that and she couldn't spread herself that thin.

I think it was a wise decision on her part, and yes her Step dad and I went and got her headlight replaced and aired up all four tires that were low on her car.

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