Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What a waste of time

I sat at the courthouse as the Plantiff in a trespassing case (back in March someone broke into my home)... for 3 hours this afternoon, freezing cold.  I had a Subpoena to appear in court on this day.... sat there, and sat there some more.  They defendant was called in front of the judge, apparently this date was just an arraignment and not a trial, but the defendant was free to go with a piece of paper in his hand.  No one mentioned me or said anything to me at all, never called my name or asked if I was present or anything.  I stood up as the defendant was leaving the courthouse and said I was Subpoenaed to be here on this today.  The judge said he was sorry and I did the right thing by standing up and saying something.  He was just pushing all of the defendant's court dates to one day as he has other charges from other offenses to be tried.  So he then handed me a slip a paper with a new court date on it.

I froze, I waited and used my leave from work for NOTHING!

Not only that the defendant had someone there for him as a support, I was there all alone and sort of felt like a villain..... I wonder when this will ever quit affecting me, as I didn't ask for any of it... blah.

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