Sunday, May 5, 2013

The best day!

Today is probably one of the best days in my daughter's life.  Lets start by explaining she hasn't really been able to drive in over a year since she wrecked my car because I couldn't afford her to drive my car that owe way too much on, and she hasn't wanted to drive the bug because she didn't feel safe in it.  She is graduating in just a few weeks and there is a special surprise she doesn't know anything about!

We started with the plan to have a birthday/graduation party

And well today is the day for the party!

We were going to have it a park locally but the weather did not cooperate with us so we all met at JW Steakhouse instead.  My Dad and Karen, My mom, My maw-maw and Jimmy, My aunt Rita, My other mom Cathy, and My brother, his wife and three gorgeous children were all in attendance to this small informal party. 

My brother gave her a gift to open that went a little something like this.

Yep she got a car for her Birthday/Graduation from her "Unkle Ruck and Aunt Julie".  She was beyond happy.   

After dinner and cake, we all loaded up and headed to the Church where her Chorus was performing their Spring Concert.

Destiny had a nice long solo on this concert and she sounded like an angel singing, or how I would assume would one sound... She was then gifted with another surprise.  She won the $1000 scholarship that is offered by DHS Chorus and she wasn't expecting that!  

It was a great day full of family, fun, and smiles.  I think watching my daughter receive so many blessings today was one of the happiest days of my life! :)

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