Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Adventures to Cooper

I am a bit torn with emotions as Cooper leaves on a new adventure today.

We took him in after he had several homes in the course of a few short months.  Soon as we got him we understood why he had so many different homes.  He was selfish, spoiled, did not play well with others and was very hyper.

He came a long way, he became a good boy.  He still had accidents in the house that I really feel were on purpose, he still ran out the front door anytime it would open and headed straight for the road, almost getting run over several times.  He had changed though, he got along and played well with Rueben which took him a lot of effort and punishment to get to this point.  He showed us he loves us and for this I greatly regret having him leave on this adventure.  He didn't trust us, he didn't love us and in the 8 months we had him he had learned who was the boss and who loved him and learned to love us back.  He was super smart, could sit, rollover, shake and would walk circles.... he was amazing.  I miss him greatly!

The decision to let him adventure on was quickly made because it was a decision we knew we needed to make. Again, we didn't plan on another dog, just didn't want him to keep having issues and wanted to try to help him.  After getting a second dog we realized we might have bitten off more than we could chew, because it was harder.  Walking, pottying, bathing/grooming, flea prevention everything was harder than it was with one furry baby.  Now we would still have him here today if we didn't have a home that we felt would be good for him, but when the opportunity came to help my aunt find a companion it just seemed like the right moment to let him go on to a one person family.  He highly demands attention and with only one mom, and no pesty brothers/sisters in the home he will hopefully do fine.  I fear he will miss us greatly as he did fall in love with us finally and this breaks my heart.... I hope he loves his new home and gets all the attention he wants/needs.  I tend to take in animals all the time that need things... Rodney needed to be treated better than he was getting at the pound and we nursed him back to health and helped him get stronger and get to a new home, Simon was being eaten alive by fleas and I took him in and cared for him until we could find a better home as we weren't looking for another pet... then we got Cooper and again we helped him learn a few things and gave him love so, but it was just too much for our family to maintain.
I love animals, and want them all... its always been a problem for me. I understand after 37 years that I can not save them all nor can I afford or have the time to take care of them all... I will miss you Cooper, I hope your adventure is happy.

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