Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Handy man

Well Thomas and I drove to get another belated Birthday present for me, a new helmet as I needed one since mine was damaged and he said he would buy me another one... we make it to Huntsville about 25 minutes from the house to shop and just before leaving the store, my son calls to tell me he can not get the water to shut off in the shower as the knob had broken off.

UGHH!  It is stuck running on hot water and he doesn't know how to cut it off we will be driving 25 minutes to get there we were hoping the hot water heater doesn't have issues on top of the shower.

We get home and my handy man (Thomas if you couldn't figure that one out) cut the water off and investigated the situation, we had to have a new knobby thing which needed to be installed to our very old plumbing.  So that meant that Thomas had a huge task in front of him.

The very next day, he managed to cut into our copper plumbing and install some new fittings of pvc and a new shower system and we now have a working shower!!! He rocks I know!

I would not know what to do without him in situations like this, he truly amazes me with all his capabilities and I am blessed that he is my guy! :)

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