Thursday, April 18, 2013

My baby is graduating!

Well it is getting closer and closer to my beautiful girls graduation.  She got to go to NEW YORK with her chorus a few weeks ago and that was a big thing for both of us, me to let her go and her to get to go. Now she has prom coming up next week and then a Spring concert and her 18th Birthday and then just a few more weeks until she will be wearing that cap and gown and I will be an emotional basket case.  Just look at how absolutely gorgeous she is!

I am so super proud of her and excited for her future.  I am also so very nervous and worried, its weird this mix of emotions.

My Senior! Wow! It seems like yesterday I was having my own little baby doll to play with (what? I was only 19 when I had her, had just turned 19 only 3 days before I had her actually haha) she was such a perfect baby!  So happy and full of love, She didn't meet a stranger and smiled at EVERYONE!  She never cried.  I was worried something was wrong with her because she just never cried.  She was so super easy to care for and was an absolute blessing to my life.  This is why I named her Destiny, because that is what she was to me. She was changing the course of my life and becoming my future all at once. Such a wonderful change in the right direction for me.  Now she has about the same personality where she smiles at people often, and what a gorgeous smile she has too.  She is a bit more opinionated which can be a good and bad thing ha!, I am glad she has learned to have her own voice in life.  She is super smart, and thinks she knows more than most, which is part of being a teenager.  She is facing some choices in life that are very important and feeling the stress from it all, but she is going to do fine. She will live and learn and grow and continue to amaze me!   I am so blessed to be her Mom!

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