Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon

I am not like many as I do not aspire to ever run in the Boston Marathon, but I would like to run a marathon some time in my life.  I have to first learn to run a simple 5K without walking or injuring myself.  Those who qualify for the Boston Marathon simply amaze me!  Their will power, strength, courage, and dreams are so big!  Why someone would choose to harm people in or supporting such an amazing event is beyond my realm of thought. I absolutely can not nor will I ever understand the non-sense that is a bomb or attack of any accord.  It is heart wrenching to see the aftermath of such a terrible event.  I sit here and there is little to nothing I can do, but cry.  Why is this happening?

Then, I put myself in these peoples shoes.  I think of my family watching me on my events and encouraging me and taking photos for me and being my rock and support. I think of the what if's.  What if I was out there running that Boston Marathon (which would be nothing short of a miracle) and my family were super duper proud of me finally reaching a life dream (which is what most participates are doing)... and finally making it to the finish line to see/hear/experience such a horrific act of violence and find out that it was mostly the spectators that were affects, my family! Words can not express the feelings I feel when I put myself in those shoes.

I am thankful today that my shoes are not that big and my family is safe and sound.  My heart still hurts for those affected by this year's Boston Marathon.  It truly is a sad day.

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